• Membership: All membership plans remain on a no fee freeze for the month of June.
  • Re-Opening Date: Health Clubs were placed into the Phase 3 portion of the MA reopening plan. This means the earliest the Club can reopen is June 29th.
  • Re-Opening Plan: Our Club has been in communication with other clubs in areas across the country (and across the world) that have reopened. We have used this information to start creating our best practices related to member safety. Your Safety is Our Number 1 Priority.
  • Cleaning: The entire facility has gotten a deep cleaning and we will be going back over all of the areas again prior to reopening.
  • Sanitation and Hygiene: We have plenty of inventory of hand sanitizer, pre-moistened sanitizing wipes for the equipment, spray bottles of sanitizer and paper towels and soap for hand washing..
  • New Regulations: We expect that the guidelines for health clubs in MA will be available mid-June. As theses guidelines are established for MA, we will have separate newsletters with our plans of action and how we can make your member experience as streamlined as possible.