Adult Fitness at Waltham AthleticFitness at Waltham Athletic Club is an experience that all should have. Leave your health club stereotypes at the door and prepare to have fun while achieving your goals.

Our eclectic membership base drives us to create and offer a variety of services which include yoga, Pilates, TRX training and training workshops, just to name a few. By choosing to start a fitness program at Waltham Athletic Club, you are on your way to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Our facility and programs will provide a relaxed environment for you to accomplish all of your fitness goals.

Real People. Real Fitness. Real Fun!

Fitness Orientation

Fitness orientation is where your fitness program begins at Waltham Athletic Club. This is included in your membership. Your fitness orientation gives us the opportunity to get to know you and to personalize a fitness program to help reach your goals. Remember our goal is to help you fit fitness into your lifestyle.

In your orientation you will meet with our certified personal trainer where they will review your past exercise and health history, as well as familiarize you with our fitness equipment. This is vital in developing a fitness program for you. The information gathered here will be the basis on which your program is built.

Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to get the most out of your fitness program. Whether you are a novice looking to learn proper techniques and skills needed to accomplish your fitness goals or someone experienced looking to have someone encourage and motivate you, personal training can help you reach your goal.

Group Fitness

Our instructors promote healthy lifestyles for everyone! They provide a safe, effective, and fun workout that will motivate you to keep working toward your goal. Our instructors share a contagious energy and offer a variety of moves keeping each class fresh and exciting. What are you waiting for? Pick a class from our group exercise schedule today and get moving!